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The Ultimate Body Plan The Ultimate Body Plan is her first book and will be a combination of 80 delicious recipes plus a workout plan that can deliver real results. The plan is achievable and can help you on you way to a fit, strong healthy body and a positive mental attitude to boot.

The book also gives an insight into the highs and lows of Gemma's everyday life, 18 years of which she has lived in the public eye – from playing Lisa Hunter in Hollyoaks at 15 to now, aged 33, writing her first book. Almost 20 years of pictures across TVs, newspapers and online and accompanying comments have taken their toll. For the last 5 years she’s decided not to care and has found her inner happy and her inner warrior.

Gemma’s 10 strength commandments will set you on your way to success, building your positive mental attitude as you embark on the 12 week exercise plan. The 80 nutritious, quick and easy recipes, with clear calorie counts keep you on track to achieving your fitness and fat loss goals.

Here’s your ticket to changing how you look and feel forever and giving the middle finger to anyone who says it can’t be done.

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PMA Faisal Abdalla, aka 'Mr PMA', is a Barry's Bootcamp and Nike master trainer, who has trained a long list of celebrities, including pop stars Ellie Goulding, Harry Styles, Ella Eyre, John Newman and Jorja Smith. He believes that there are three very simple rules to looking and feeling great: eating well, training hard and thinking positively.

The PMA Method is about working hard to develop the positive mental attitude (PMA) that you need to achieve the body that you want. This book teaches you to understand how the smallest of steps can lead to huge changes and propel you on the journey to becoming a better version of yourself. Featuring interactive exercise routines you can do virtually alongside Faisal for that extra push, as well as tips on how to unlock your PMA and how to prepare healthy versions of your favourite food, this book has everything you need to motivate you to smash your goals.

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doctors kitchen cover Dr Rupy Aujla - 'The Doctor's Kitchen' - Published by Harper Collins

Imperial college trained, practising GP, Dr Rupy Aujla has established The Doctors Kitchen, the go-to food bible to become the leader in the lifestyle medicine movement globally.

With this food bible, Rupy will help kick unhealthy, faddy diets and promote wellness by teaching people the principles of healthy living in a fun and relatable way. This will be done with a combination of vibrant, tasty recipes steeped in medical science, but without a heavy price tag or pretension.

'The Doctor's Kitchen' is out now - you can order your cop here!


Clean Eating Alice - 'Eat Well Every Day' - Published by Harper Thornsons

In Alice's second book, she shares her tips for creating enticing lunches, breakfasts and dinners that fit your daily routine and will help you feel fantastic from the inside out. No food groups are omitted from Alice's recipes. Using 7 deconstructed food plates from a post-work out plate to a rest day plate, Alice sets out what to eat post-work out, on rest days - and also your cheat day of course!

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Arron Crascall - 'See Ya Later' - Published by Orion

A hilarious window into the world of comedian and social media star Arron Crascall. In the same vein as his favourite TV show 'The Wonder Years' old Arron (full of See Ya Later wisdom) meets young 13 year-old Arron (who needs a firm steer) and tackles the big stuff.

In 'See Ya Later', Arron embarks on a life-changing journey of discovering what truly makes him happy. As he revisits some of the key moments in his life. Arron will give his young self some words of wisdom on how to navigate the big issue of being a contented and fulfilled grown-up.

Using a mixture of autobiographical narrative, diaries to his 13 year-old self, love letters, early letters to Santa and a collection of his favourite playlists and TV shows, the book will cover all the key life milestones. Arron will explore his own academic struggles, school bullying, dating mishaps, scrapes, the failed jobs, and take us up to the online fame he has found (including some of the funniest pranking situations he has encountered). He will also deal with how to get to grips with settling down and the hilarious realities of pregnancy and parenthood.

You can pre-order your copy here. 'See Ya Later' is out on 21st September 2017!

Clean Eating Alice - The Body Bible Clean Eating Alice - 'The Body Bible' - Published by Harper Thornsons

Clean Eating Alice's debut book 'The Body Bible' was released on May 19th 2016. View on Amazon

Alice will inspire you to discover a new way of eating and exercising that banishes low-calorie, yo-yo dieting and shows you the way to a healthier mind and body. This isn’t a diet – it’s about transforming your lifestyle permanently.

Alice knew that a quick fix wasn’t what she was after – what she needed was a permanent lifestyle change. In a world where everything is so instant and we have been conditioned to believe that a diet should have rapid results, we’ve lost our understanding of how to properly nourish our bodies to achieve long-term, sustainable health and fitness. The Body Bible is your guide to embracing a better way of living that will leave you feeling invigorated.

The Body Bible provides you with over 80 enticing recipes for clean-yet-delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to transform the way you eat and feel. It will also guide you through Alice’s easy-to-follow HIIT workouts that can be done anywhere and anytime. This book will show you how to combine a tried and tested food and exercise plan to get the strong body and healthy mindset that will last you a lifetime.

‘This book is about looking and feeling great inside and out, you have to be disciplined and dedicated but I promise, you will get out what you put in. It will transform the way that you eat and feel forever.’ – Alice, January 2016

Rosemary Gallagher - I Am You AreRosemary Gallagher – ‘I Am You Are’ - Published by Watkins

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The simple A - Z format provides inspiring and encouraging single words of wisdom. Little words with big meanings. The words have been chosen to encourage self-love and acceptance, each one has been selected to be a friend and companion to help you to believe in who YOU ARE.

Experience each word, practice using it and believe. You don't need lots of words to express who you are, or how you feel, sometimes ONE is perfect.

Small, simple, powerful.

The I Am side of the book is an affirmation on our internal journey, who we are to ourselves, the You Are side is a statement of intention to the world on your external journey, how we would like the world to see us - they mirror each other in perfect symmetry inner and outer meeting as one.

Sara Davison - 'Uncoupling' - Published by Piatkus, Little Brown


Divorce coach Sara Davison's debut book is out now on Amazon. 

Current wisdom is that a divorce coach is the person you call at the same time as you instruct a lawyer: you need someone impartial at your elbow to see you through the emotional and practical implications of a break up of a serious relationship. Sara Davison's 'Uncoupling' is her unique companion to the challenging process of seperation and divorce.