Arron Crascall

Arron has been a popular face on social media for over three years, establishing himself as the UK’s top online comedy talent. He produces short public reaction videos which has gained him 10 million followers across his social media channels.

Arron has a unique style of public reaction driven video content that reaches out to his multitude of fans across numerous social media platforms. He has branched out further to include recurring characters, sketches and mash-ups with the internet’s most popular videos of the moment.

Arron has collaborated with some of the most recognisable brands in the world including Starbucks, Virgin Media, Subway, Warner Brothers, Walkers, Paypal, 20th Century Fox, Crunchy Nut, Samsung, Ford and Cadbury's - in which he won the 'Best use of Influencer Marketing' Award in The Marketing New Thinking Awards in 2018. Further, he has collaborated with a selection of high-profile stars including Channing Tatum, Kevin Hart, Gerard Butler, Benedict Cumberbatch, Taron Egerton, Jason Momoa, Jamie Oliver and Ice Cube.

Arron rose to fame on Vine by engaging the public in his comedy to utilise their instantaneous reactions. Having moved onto Facebook in 2014, Arron has amassed a huge following over 6.7 million following already by providing longer comedy videos that are going viral within hours of being posted. Arron continues to provide his much in demand comedy clips to his ever going fan base which stretches across all age groups. As a family man with three children, Arron makes sure his comedy appeals to all ages and avoids inappropriate content.

On YouTube, Arron has amassed views in the thousands for his clips individually as well as compilation videos of his work, Vlogs and Celebrity Interviews and recently hit over 297K subscribers.

In 2016 Arron starred alongside Russell Kane on BBC Three's show 'Stupid Man, Smart Phone' which was so successful it was shown on BBC2 shortly afterwards and subsequently won the Best Multi-Platform Format award at the C21 2017 International Format Awards in Cannes. Arron has also appeared in Comedy Central's Christmas episode of 'Drunk History' (2016) and excelled as one of the main pranksters on ITV2's 'All about the Bants' alongside Tinchy Stryder. Arron has also worked closely with film studios such as Paramount, Warner Brothers and Fox and has presented on the red carpet at the National Lottery Awards for the last couple of years.

Arron's debut book published by Orion 'See Ya Later: The World According to Arron Crascall' was released in September 2017. This book is his take on the world. It includes stories from his past, a lot of views from the present and some opinions on how to make the future a more enjoyable place. You can order a copy here!

The unique appeal of the self-proclaimed “idiot with a camera”, with his unforgettable catch phrases including “See ya later”, will see him continue to rise in popularity and cement his name as the UK’s most loved internet stars.

Social Stats:

  • Over 6.1 million followers on his Facebook Page
  • 297k Subscribers to his YouTube Channel
  • Instagram followers 3.3 Million
  • Snapchat opens 200k+
  • Twitter following of over 170K