• CDC Certified Divorce Coach 2014
  • Debut book 'Uncoupling - How to survive and thrive after a break-up or divorce' is available to buy now.
  • Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming 2002
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming 2002
  • Hypnosis Training with McKenna Breen 2004
  • Certified Professional Speaker with Speakers Academy 2005
  • Anthony Robbins Mastery University Graduate over 20 seminars attended between 1998-2013

Sara Davison is an expert break-up and divorce coach, author and media commentator who has set up the UK's first one-to-one, bespoke divorce coaching program; offering practical, strategic advice and techniques to help provide much needed support to individuals navigating the process of divorce.

An NLP Master Practitioner, with over 16 years' coaching experience and her own personal experience of divorce, Sara offers a life-line for real people struggling to cope with the often stressful and emotional circumstances that occur as a result of divorce.

Using a range of practical strageies and techniques, Sara aims to educate and inform clients on how to better cope with their own personal situations and emotions, delivering a range of tools and techniques that her clients can actually use in their daily lives - tailored to their own presonal circumstances.

Divorce is something everyone hopes that they will never have to experience, but sadly with over 40% of first marriages ending in divorce in the UK, it is a situation many will find themselves facing at some stage in their lives.

During her own divorce Sara became frustrated with the lack of practial help and support available to help understand what to expect and how to cope with the day to day issues that arrose.

Sara is an approachable and empathetic coach, who believes firmly that divorce doesn't have to mean the end of your world.  Sara works with clients to steer them through the process, helping to avoid common pitfalls, plan for the practical and financial implications of divorce, as well as manage the emotional impact on loved ones and the individuals themselves, to help them move forwards and thrive beyond.

Sara's personal and interactive approach provides a supportive environment that is simple to follow and implement in the day-to-day.

Sara's aim is to change the stigma associated with divorce in the UK.  She wants to enccourage people to ask for help and empower each person with the skills to get from where they are to where they want to be.

In 2015 Sara launched the first in a series of useful self-help apps '7 Steps To A Better Break-Up', which has achieved international acclaim and helps people to navigate the initial stages of divorce.  She regularly contributes to a number of women's magazines, newspapers and lifestyle titles, writing for Closer, Female First, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, RED Magazine, as well as being a regular contributor to Huffington Post.  Sara was also recently awarded the 'Specialist Coach of the Year' Award at the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consulatants in 2015.

Sara is now embarking on a number of new projects, including launching the UK's first divorce retreats and has recently had her first book published by Piatkus, Little Brown, entitled 'Uncoupling'.

For more information see http://saradavison.com/about-sara-davison/ for more details. Her App is available to download here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/7-steps-to-a-better-break-up/id952446180.