Laura is a comedian who has been scripting, presenting and blogging for two shows on CBBC for the last 4 years as well as having been recently selected by YouTube as one of their six "Women in Comedy" in the UK with WhoHaha and producer Elizabeth Banks. Laura began her career in 2007 winning a Radio 1 competition and subsequently becoming the TV reviewer on Nick Grimshaw and Annie Macโ€™s Radio 1 Sunday Show. Since then she has worked with many companies including BBC Comedy, Comedy Central, EA, Disney, British Airways and Hat Trick Productions. This year Laura was an ambassador for the BRITโ€™s social squad as well accumulating over 1 million followers on TikTok and gaining over 4.5 million views on her YouTube channel where she makes comedy blogs, parodies and sketches.

In 2016 Laura had viral video success โ€œFirst Dates in a wedding dressโ€, which has been featured in the press including Daily Mail, Good Morning America and Cosmopolitan.