Ben Bidwell is a mindset & purpose coach, writer & public speaker who is living his own purpose by inspiring others to achieve their deepest potential. 
Having been on his own journey from a masked man drawn to "toxic" behaviours, to an awakened & open soul, his story is deeply authentic & relatable. He is now seen as pioneering a revolution to encourage society (& men in particular) to open up & connect more with their emotions in a powerful & liberating way.

In July 2017, he launched his blog, @thenakedprofessor, where he beautifully articulates the importance of mental health & personal development, by stripping away the masks of masculinity & mental health. In 2021 he launched Heart Space, a widely applauded platform for connection and personal growth.

Ben is the host of the number one podcast show ‘The Naked Professors’, that embraces conversations about mental health. Guests have included Sam Thompson, Jason Fox, James Haskell, Davina McCall and Bryony Gordon.

Ben's open and heartfelt message is unique in many ways and has already received significant press from leading publications such as Hello, The Independent, Forbes, Grazia, Happiful, Esquire, The Evening Standard & Men’s Health. He has also appeared on some of the most recognisable daytime TV & online shows including Sky News, This Morning, Build London, Talk Radio & Heart.