Joey Kendal Brown

Joey Kendal Brown, Photographer and Content Curator, is our go-to vlogger, blogger and influencer, photographing stylish interiors and inspiring modern Mama's around the world. Married to Lawson frontman Andy Brown, Joey shares her honest approach on parenting through her instagram which has seen her following grow to over 16.2k.

Joey has a natural way of engaging with her audience through her beautiful Instagram page, with a highly active following who trust the advice, and content she shares. Joey currently works with various brands such as Silver Cross, MORI, Palmers, Chicco, Baby Bjorn, Expedia, Ribena and many more.

Natural and lighthearted in front of the camera and talented behind the lens too, Joey has an eye for interiors and can transform any room. Her unique personal style has lead her to team up with various hair, beauty and aesthetic salons. Subsequently, Joey is able to shed advice on many a product and how to get the specific look.

In 2019 Joey Launched her very own podcast Mondaymumday with fellow mum Emma in an effort to support, shed light, offer expert advice, prepare and empower new and existing parents on the raw realities of parenthood.