The Secret Footballer

Beginning in 2009, The Secret Footballer's column in The Guardian was an instant hit with football fans all over the country. His Anonymity allowed him to expose the inner workings of football in a way that had never been done before. Writing while still a Premier league player, The Secret Footballer lifted the lid on everything from mental health and out of control behaviour to tactics and transfers. The column was an instant classic and to date has spawned seven Sunday Times bestselling books, selling over a million copies worldwide.

 The Secret Footballer is much sought after for his unique take on the world of football. Known as 'The Banksy of the Beautiful Game', TSF has become a hugely respected figure in the media industry and is credited with bringing mental health issues within football to the attention of the outside world at a time when the subject was largely taboo. Only a handful of people know his identity - but whoever he is, he is always honest, fearless and opinionated.