Courtney originally hails from Ashford, Kent, but began her life in London at the Urdang Academy, where she trained as a professional dancer.

After graduating in 2015, Courtney spent two years dancing professionally before embarking on a personal training course and subsequently opening her own studio 'One2OneLondon'. Courtney's positive energy, compassionate tone and fantastic knowledge, meant she developed a loyal and large client base for her PT studio. These attributes have also spilled onto her online profile, where she has developed a large and engaged following, and has gone onto become one of the UK's top well-being influencers.

Courtney has attracted over 91.6k followers on her instagram page (@courtneypruce), where she offers positive and authentic content around fitness, food and general wellness. Her easy to follow workout videos have garnered huge traction, whilst her #smartswaps and healthy recipe alternatives have become a cult phenomenon, that her followers can't get enough of. Courtney's cooking style allows her followers to indulge in their favourite treats guilt-free, and she often incorporates brands she is working with into her recipes.

As a result of her knowledge, mantra, and the content she produces, Courtney has worked with a number of large brands, including Arial, Bjorn Borg, Barebells, Puma, Laughing Cow, Cliff Bar, Sports Direct, Fitroya, Musclefood, Gymshark and Cocoa Plus. Courntey is also a leading ambassador for Grenade.