Lucy Martin

Lucy is on a mission to improve the visibility of disability in the media and normalise difference in all forms. Born with one hand, she has been presenting the weather on the radio and TV across the BBC for the last three years at regional, national and global scales.

Lucy has also been involved in podcasts on both sides of the mic: as interviewer and interviewee. In 2017, she guest-hosted BBC Ouch’s monthly podcast, interviewing and discussing topics related to disability. More recently, she appeared on the mental health podcast “No Really, I’m Fine” talking about her personal experiences and views towards body image.

 Lucy is an Ossur ambassador and is currently going through the process of having a prosthetic hand made and building up the strength and skills to use it.

Lucy has featured in numerous publications including Oh Comely, The Sunday Express Magazine, Reach, Disability Horizons, Enable and G2.