Gyasi is a young black man who was raised in Northern Ireland. As one of four children raised by a single parent and brought up in an arguably white conservative country, Gyasi uses his experiences to be a voice when it comes to highlighting issues and raising awareness around inequality and discrimination. He hopes to use his platform to openly and honestly discuss such charged subjects. As a “ceasefire baby” he remembers vividly how fragile the peace process was in Northern Ireland and is acutely aware of how fragile remains today. 

Gyasi’s background is in performing and entertainment and he started performing from a very young age. At home in Northern Ireland, Gyasi landed roles in feature films and TV commercials before leaving the U.K. altogether to work as an actor and entertainment host for The Walt Disney Company aboard Disney Cruise Line and then Disneyland Paris. On his return Gyasi taught theatre at some of the top theatre schools for children in Northern Ireland at National Stage NI and Belfast School of Performing Arts. 

Now based in London, Gyasi is set to make a serious impact in the broadcast industry. With a natural storytelling ability, Gyasi hopes to be part of the next generation of documentary presenters, whilst also continuing to develop his incredible energy in the entertainment world. Watch this space!