Pippa Campbell is an experienced Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Weight Loss Specialist and Certified Nutrigenomics Practitioner. She is a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach, registered with The Institute of Functional Medicine and Complimentary Medical Association. She has over 12 years experience specialising in female health and weight loss. 

Pippa is a keen home cook and believes that what you eat has a profound impact on your physiological, psychological and emotional well being. She has helped hundreds of women improve their health through dietary changes. 

Originally from London, Pippa now lives in Jersey with her husband, daughter 18 and son 16. She practices online, in Jersey and in London on Harley Street. 

Having suffered with chronic gut issues and PMT from a young age which was resolved through nutritional changes, Pippa understands what it feels like to have hormonal imbalances and unresolved gut problems.

She often uses DNA testing through the lab LifecodeGX to establish what may be at the root cause of weight issues, hormonal imbalances and many other health conditions. 

Pippa has also spoken at a variety of corporate events for companies such as, Standard Bank and Ogier Law firm and has contributed to The Editors list to do a series of talks on 'Beauty Inside & Out.’