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Rosie Davidson

Rosey Davidson

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Infant Sleep Consultant

• Expert and sleep consultant to the stars 

• Founder of Just Chill Baby Sleep 

• Author of 'The Just Chill Baby Sleep Book'  and 'It's Time For Bed'

• NSPCC Ambassador


Rosey Davidson is the founder and CEO of Just Chill Baby sleep, an infant sleep consultancy focused on providing straight forward, no-nonsense sleep advice to parents. As a successful businesswoman and content creator with and a large social media following, Rosey gives an insight into her work as a sleep consultant, entrepreneur, and busy parent to her three young children. 

Rosey is the sleep consultant of choice for many celebrity mums and dads, helping a number of high-profile clients improve the sleep of their families. She is extremely passionate about making sleep information accessible to all parents and offers a range of resources including her award-winning online courses, 1-2-1 consultations and informative video content. 

Rosey is interested in all aspects of health and takes a holistic approach to wellbeing – maternal & paternal mental health, fitness and mindfulness are areas of particular interest. Rosey is a seasoned guest speaker at events and on podcasts. She is a campaigner for childhood for the NSPPC and aims to support and empower parents everywhere. 

In April 2023, Rosey released her first book 'The Just Chill Baby Sleep' book an empowering and non judgemental read that sets out clear, practical solutions to help you make the right sleep decisions for your family. Rosey has worked with brands such as Johnson’s Baby, Biokult, Nuby UK, Mam, Aldi, Emma Sleep, Silvercross, Ocado, and Bugaboo.


Now she has launched her second book 'It's Time For Bed' which will be released September 12th 2024 and can be pre-ordered now!

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