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Thom Read

  • TikTok
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Content creator & aspiring polyglot

•  Notability: I used this note taking app as a university student and working with them was like a full circle moment for me.

• Bodum: As a coffee enthusiast, getting to work with this brand was a dream as I got to level up my kitchenware and enjoy it even more.

•OPPO: Having the opportunity to try their new phone was such a big moment for me as I never thought I would be able to work with brands like OPPO.


Meet Thomas AKA Thom Read, a French content creator and aspiring polyglot with a thirst for knowledge who uses his social media platforms to share his self growth journey through his aesthetic and productive lifestyle.


With a clear goal in mind in proving that with the right mindset you can achieve anything you want, he mainly aims to inspire and motivate his community in becoming their best authentic self.

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