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Alison Hammond loves to laugh. And the nation laughs with her. Her sunny personality and zest for life have brought joy to millions and made her one of the UK's best-loved television presenters. Known for her hilarious and unforgettable interviews with Hollywood A-listers, Alison is also responsible for countless classic moments of broadcasting gold - from getting stuck on a caravan door to delivering Christmas cash dressed as an elf.

But who is Alison Hammond really, and how did she become the personality we know and love? Shaped by the influence of her incredible mum, Alison went from small roles on television shows as a youngster to that life-changing appearance on Big Brother, before landing her dream job on This Morning. And through it all, she found the joy in every day, the positives in any situation.

You've Got to Laugh gives a never-before-seen insight into Alison's life: her loves, her losses - with a side order of gossip. As well as being a hugely entertaining and uplifting read, Alison's story will inspire you to grab life with both hands and make the most of every single moment.

When we talk about hormones, we so often think of them as a 'women's issue'. But our hormones regulate everything from our sleep, to the way we eat, our stress response and our moods. In Hack Your Hormones Davinia Taylor, entrepreneur and biohacking pioneer, breaks down how best to optimise all of our hormones.

Davinia gives symptom-led advice, backed up with the expertise of a doctor, on how lifestyle hacks and supplements can balance our cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine and more, even Vitamin D (yep, it's a hormone). And the answers might be as close as your kitchen cupboards.

This groundbreaking new book is full of simple, accessible hacks that will make you feel not just better, but amazing. 


Kate Lawler has never been maternal. And yet here she is: mother to Noa, after years of going back and forth about having children at all. This is the story of her journey from parentally undecided to early motherhood, via raging hormones, sleepless nights, emergency hospital trips, mum guilt, unspoken regrets and post-natal depression.

This book is not a parenting manual. It won't tell you what to pack in your hospital bag, or how to get your baby to sleep. It may not help you with feeding or dealing with tantrums. But it will show you that you're not alone - and that it's perfectly possible, and maybe even normal, to love your child with all of your heart while also feeling lost, alone and resentful.

Fed up with dieting? Have you tried everything before and failed? Has your self-esteem and body confidence dropped through the floor. If so, then Gemma’s plan is for you.

80 delicious, easy recipes plus a 12 week workout that can deliver real results this Plan can motivate everyone on their way to achieving a fit, strong healthy body and a postiive mental attitude to boot.

Gemma Atkinson has spent over half her life in the public eye – from playing Lisa Hunter in Hollyoaks at 15 to now, aged 33, writing her first book. Almost 20 years of pictures across TVs, newspapers and online and accompanying comments have taken their toll. For the last 5 years she’s decided not to care and has found her inner happy and her inner warrior..Watch out Wonder Woman!


Hiya! Alison Hammond here! I love getting to know all about different people and I'll tell you a secret . . . sometimes people we don't know much about are the most interesting of all! Which is really what this book is all about.


Let me ask you a question: How many Black people can you name from our history? Mary Seacole? Ira Aldridge? George Bridgetower? Pablo Fanque?Walter Tull? Have you heard of these people? Yes? That's great! But if you haven't, don't worry, you're not alone, which is why I'm so excited to tell you all about them.

The ultimate holistic fitness guide for new mums, including a gentle 12-week Baby Steps Body Plan, 75 nutritious and simple recipes, and tips on self-care.'I assure you that the phrase "snapping back" does not appear within these pages in anything other than an angry way! Instead, this is a "feel stronger, healthier and more confident" plan.


'The Ultimate Body Plan for New Mums is the second fitness and recipe book from actress, presenter and fitness guru Gemma Atkinson. Based on her own experiences, Gemma wants to help other new mums ease their way back into exercise and nourish themselves with the right kinds of food.


This confidence-building picture book is all about trying new things, embracing difference, encouraging our friends and defying stereotypes Dave the dog wants to dance, but the wise pooches at the park bark in shock."Stick to digging holes, chasing cats and chewing footballs. Stick to fetching sticks!"


Dave leaves with his tail between his legs. But will he let their words stop him? Or maybe, just maybe, he can convince them to change their minds.

'If I could give you one bit of advice right now, it would be to take all the energy you're putting into fad diets and put it into becoming the most genuinely healthy version of you. If you've got a plan, you're already halfway there. And now you've got this book, you've got one.'

Davinia Taylor was overweight, depressed and unmotivated. She couldn't walk around the block, let alone go for a run or do an exercise class, and she struggled to keep up with her four young sons. In desperation she turned to biohacking to sort her head out - the unexpected bonus was that she lost nearly three stone and has kept it off for years through a series of health tricks from cold showers, to MCT oil, to ancestral eating.


No one can prepare you for the sleep deprivation of having a newborn. The truth is, there is no magic wand - but there is straight-forward, actionable advice that will set your baby on a path towards a settled night's sleep.

Baby sleep guru Rosey Davidson has been helping new parents with sleep for over a decade. She knows first-hand that every baby is different and that no parent needs to suffer with sleep struggles long term.

In this empowering and non judgemental book, Rosey sets out clear, practical solutions to help you make the right sleep decisions for your family. Covering every conceivable challenge that you may encounter in the first year, this is your nurturing guide to the methods that really work.

Do you struggle to lose weight? Have you tried a number of plans that work for others but not for you? Are you looking for an easy, sustainable solution to staying healthy?

Diet and nutrition expert Pippa Campbell's clients turn to her for help when their weight-loss plans fail. Now she wants to share her secrets with everyone and help you become your own 'diet detective' along the way. 

Through a simple Q&A Pippa helps to identify what's going wrong in the 7 key body systems that might prevent weight loss, before creating a diet that is specific to you and your needs and formulating a personalised plan for sustainable weight-loss and better health. 

Packed with tasty recipe ideas, meal planners and illuminating client case studies, Eat Right, Lose Weight debunks the one-size-fits-all diet myth and is the book that will change the way women approach weight loss.


Come along on a journey through the woods, over the fields and into the kitchen, to find nourishing ingredients to enjoy through the seasons.

Wild Magic invites you to take a deep breath and reconnect with nature, discover the joy of seasonal eating and use the healing power of plants for self-care.

From a fizzy drink of elderflower cordial to a warming bowl of mushroom noodles and melting wild garlic muffins to indulgent wild currant doughnuts, these 80 healing recipes and rituals that will make you fall in love with the wilderness that surrounds you in the city as the country, and embrace the beauty of slow living all year round.

120 fabulous recipes for Bundt cakes, ice cream Bundts, breads and bun Bundts for elevenses, deserts, afternoon tea, birthday and every celebration. Elevate humble sandwich cakes into show-stopping Bundts to wow your friends and family. Cut slices to reveal swirls, hearts and even a surprise Easter bunny. 

Made using a wide range of strikingly beautiful traditional and new pans designed by bakeware specialists Nordicware, Bundt cakes both taste and look spectacular and whether for afternoon tea or a festive celebration, they are the perfect centrepiece for any table.


We all slip up at some point in life, don’t we? The real issue, the one that matters most, is whether we can get away with it.  Raquel Fitzpatrick, the slipper upper in this case is a foodie, a writer, a mother of three and wife to one. She’s an over thinker, a more than she should wine drinker and during just one summer, she created a catastrophe  that would take a miracle to rectify!


When the new neighbours moved in across the road, Raquel unnaturally decided to be friendly. A decision that would bring her world crashing down. Just one silly mistake triggered a chain of events that could land her behind bars, leaving her with no choice but to turn to her eccentric and annoying family for help.


But there was one huge problem...her husband Dave is a law-abiding police officer!

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